1. How much is your service charge?

    Our service charge is 5% x (items price + domestic shipping) ,minimum service charge 15 CNY.


    2. I bought multi-items from same seller, could China domestic shipping fee be combined? 

    Yes,the system will charge the combined shipping fee for the multi-items from one seller.If there is any problem with the shipping fee,we will notify you before we buy.


    3. If the items are out of stock, do you inform me in advance or refund me immediately?

    We will send you message to ask if you want to change other color or size.If you don't want to change it,we will refund them to you ASAP.


    4. My item has been in your warehouse, but I do not want it, can you cancel the order for me?

    Sorry. If there is no any quality problem, sellers will not accept the refund. And the order cannot be cancelled, either.


    5. Can I cancel my order?

    You can contact with customer service to ask our colleague cancel it as long as it has not been processed by purchaser.But if your purchaser starts to process your order, it cannot be cancelled.


    6. How to find my wanted good? 

    Type your item keywords or links in the search box and then click the search button,then you will get the items you want.


    7. What is the meaning of the status "Arrived"?

    It means that the item had arrived to our warehouse.


    8. When Can I submit delivery?  

    Please pay much attention to your order status. When the status changed to "Arrived ", you can submit delivery.


    9. Can I cancel the parcel after I submitted?

    So sorry,you cannot. After the delivery is submitted, you cannot cancel it. So please think it through before submitting.


    10. Why does the store show the goods are in stock, but MetisBuy says they are not?

    This is because the information about stock on Taobao webpage is not always true.
    Listing on Taobao is totally free, and most sellers are individuals, the webpage is not always updated in time. It's not the same as Ebay. Ebay will charge sellers money, but Taobao will not. This is the reason why sometimes you'll get feedback that the goods are out of stock although the webpage shows they are available.


    11. How long will my order be processed after it is made?

    Your order will be processed within 24 hours when it was made. If there is any problems with your items,we will send you message or email.


    12. When should I pay the shipping fee?  

    We will pack your items and update the international shipping fee within 24 hours when you submit the delivery.


    13. I'm in China,can I enjoy your service?

    Yes,we can buy items for members from taobao or other shopping sites no matter where you are.You can add money to your Metis Account,and check out orders,we will buy them and ship out the items to your chinese address directly.


    14. If I charge my account by paypal, can I withdraw my money by western Union or bank?

    So sorry,you cannot.Money just can withdraw to your paypal account if you top up your Metis account from paypal.


    15. Do you guarantee the quality of items I bought?

    So sorry that we are not responsible for the quality of your items.As Metis Buy is a taobao agent,not sellers.If you are not satisfied with your items, please inform us as soon as possible when we take the pictures for you.


    16.How long can you keep my items in your company?

    MetisBuy can keep your items for 60 days.Please submit delivery for them as soon as possible. After 60 days, we will charge storage fee until 4 months maximum. After 4 months we will not keep your items.

    Why Metisbuy?


    Service fee from 5%-2%
    40% discount off for EMS
    Free storage of 90 days


    More payment methods: PP,Western Union, Bank Transfer,Money gram.More shipping:DHL,FedEx,ups,USPS,Aramex,Airmail,SAL,Netherlandssmall parcels,EMS(40% discount off) or develop the shipping way you need.Help searching items on taobao.Variety of corporate suppliers supply goods unable to find on taobao.


    Flexible shopping way to make shopping more easier. Responsible staffs process the orders faster.


    Strict control on goods quality,QC will check the items carefully when taking photos.



    You can combine orders in one shipping;or you can send us messages for your packing request, we will follow you. Just let us know your requests, our team will give a flexible way to make the shopping more easier.


    Website will show the discounted price if there is a discount on taobao.If our website will not get the discounted price correctly, please contact us to change the correct price for you.